Notice is hereby given that motion will be introduced at the ensuing February 16, 2023 regularly scheduled DFARG/PARC meeting to authorize  payment of $1,150,00  for a Razor with SS  hardware and 3/16” cable/pulley and a shipping and handling charge of $146.90 for a total expenditure of $1,296.90. A check in the amount of  $1,296.90 shall be drawn by the Treasurer payable to John Stevens, W8RAT.  

DFARG/PARC previously voted affirmatively to purchase the referenced Razor for $975.00 plus freight. In the interim due to manufacturing delays and increased price of parts our present cost is $1,296.90. Yes, Group approval of the increased cost is a technicality.  However, one necessary to comply with DFARG/PARC Association By Laws.


Jim Walters

Legal Officer

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