Bomb Island Special Event-April 18

The Columbia Amateur Radio Club (CARC) is hosting a radio event on Bomb Island in honor of the 79th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo on Sunday, April 18th.  On this date, Colonel Tommy Doolittle led a squadron of sixteen B52 Bombers from the USS Hornet to conduct the first raid on the Japanese mainland after our entry into WWII. Doolittle and his men performed practice runs on Bomb Island (Lunch Island), which is in the middle of Lake Murray, in preparation for the raid.  There will be amateur radios operating on Bomb Island and in boats anchored at the island.  But the main event will be held at the Siesta Cove Marina, 256 John Long Rd., in Gilbert, SC where we will have our communications trailer set up and running.

Starting at 10 AM, and continuing until 6 PM, amateur radio operators will be making contacts around the US and, if conditions are right, around the world.  Ham radio operators from all around the state are cordially invited to attend this event and join in on the fun.  We hope to have a lot of outside guests who might be interested or curious about amateur radio in attendance as well as the press.

There will be memorabilia of the Doolittle Raiders on display at the trailer, forties music playing to set the mood, and the movie, “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” will be shown at the Marina store area.  Food will be available to purchase.  Parking is limited, so we will have golf carts shuttling event goers to and from their vehicles. 

For more information, please visit

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